Who am I?

My name is Mario, and I’m a computer science student at Federico II. I love working with UNIX-like systems and administering them, and I have recently approached the concept of Infrastructure as Code, specifically with Nix and NixOS, which I use as daily-driver.

My skills

As a student and enthusiast, I spend as much time as possible to improve my knowledge. During the last two years of my university course, I have gained a lot of experience in the administration of GNU/Linux systems, Android development, Clean Architecture and Clean Code.

Without considering scripting languages as Bash, or markup languages, I am competent in Java, Kotlin and C as programming languages, but I also know a little bit of Elisp, JavaScript, Golang and Python.

What do I want?

As I said, I’ve recently approached IaC, an important part of DevOps practices and CI/CD, this is not a coincidence. DevOps Engineer? Solutions Architect? I don’t know, the job title is not really important as long as I can work on what I like, we’ll see 😄.